May be somewhere in 2017…

Bangalore gives us a lot of surprises unlike other cities in terms of climate, traffic and what not – during the recent timings. It is one of the cities where you can speak in any language that you know and be assured that the auto walas, chai tapir walas will not only understand you but also reciprocate on the same language.

Life is so Bangalore;

Both are unpredictable.

Those were the exact words of my new roommate of the fancy apartments which I had rented a place at our own Silicon Valley. The Silicon Valley of India, Bengaluru, homes major IT industries and is the city where the world comes to work, and I had an opportunity to do my part too.

Just before few months, I shifted to Bangalore and picked the random PG to stay, which, of course, was a cramped little space with easy accessibility to my office. Honestly, there was nothing that I was happy about the accommodation other than the proximity between office and PG. I hardly could stay there as I wanted place to breathe a bit and feel a bit more active and alive. That was when I moved to the new fancy apartments which was around 1.5kms from office which takes approx. 30 minutes by walk and 45 minutes by auto/cab. The former suited me for obvious reasons, and I chose to go to office by foot. 

I walk to office every day for about a kilometre and I never got bored. During my commute, all I do is I look up at the sky high (against the Bhartiya Nari expectations) and gaze at those huge and grand posters, flex boards, Digital banners without even thinking or giving a second thought of the persons/traffic/vehicles around me ( which is something I wouldn’t recommend. Always eyes on the roads, felllas!)

Those huge flex boards were creative (mostly), attractive and colourful. Most importantly, the frequency of which the ads change on the flux boards were high thus leaving you to feel the excitement in those creative idea, colours, fonts, the shining fluxes, etc. I used to look at to these postures where they are offering me job, which I never want, they were offering discounts for the houses near my office which I can’t afford to buy and also about few attractions drama/discounts In the shopping zones which I am least bothered.

It had been 8 months amazed by those bright boards and I have always been truly devoted and dedicated towards my relationship with those boards. Until 2 week ago, where there was a stay order issued to remove all the flux boards in Bangalore for a year. From the very day, I decided to look down rather gazing up, as I had no choice that given circumstance. Circumstances are something which forces us to the ordinary job sometimes. I have never seen the world other than those big flux boards in the past months and now is the time to look on the roads, on the streets, at people.

It was amused when I saw the shops why which whom I never looked at. Now I realise a new shop was opened in the stretch, a dosa shop realised that which I never noticed. I saw two marketing guys, who always stood there giving us information on loan amount. There were hundreds of different people every day, I would smile at them. Sometimes strike a conversation. Sometimes, stare, sometimes observe. I finally I felt human. And I was happy to see real people rather boards.

This small incident made me retrospect my decision of missing these little things in the past. And I couldn’t help but wonder if I have always been a person who doesn’t exactly enjoy the present. Here is the thing – to see where those biggies were what I realised from these is that we always tend to look up/aim high to reach towards success failing to realise what is around us, whatever we have achieved until then. May be, the alchemist was right, the treasure was lying nearby you and you might have failed to realise or see it or observe it when you look up to your world. This is an extreme philosophical way to look at it, one may think, but I like to listen to what the nature tells us.

The world teaches us a lot more just, all we need to do to is observe and listen – a small flux board made me realise couple of things one being that

Every tiny incident teaches you something, you must learn from it.

And from this chapter, I would love everyone to appreciate yourself wherever you have reached on your embarking journey. You deserve it – be it big or small.

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