Death of Life

Road tripping is fun until (Disclaimer: No offense to the passionate road trippers) you realize your bum aches and you are out of song list and literally gossiped every teeny tiny detail. On one such road trip, I wanted a break from all the above and with the constant motion. After constant nagging, our photographer turned 24/7 driver friend decided to halt the car for while on our way to the UK.

Almost near the sunset, we stopped at a beach. Along with three other friends, I started walking the shores of the beach near Galway. Humming the tunes of ‘Galway Girl’, I was listing the reasons of why I always thought (and still think the same) Ireland was my dream destination. Thanks to PS. I love you, Irish music, Leap year, Gerald Butler’s way of calling ‘luv’, Jamie Dornan and of course, the Guinness.

Just relaxing on the shores, we started chatting about sea, organisms and later came the jelly fish. When the discussion was about jelly fish, a movie flashed my mind, obviously only after the Monica/Joey/Chandler’s episode about jelly fish.

“I don’t know the name. It is a Will Smith movie”, I said to a friend.

I almost narrated the entire story of ‘I-don’t-know-the-name’ where Will Smith decides to donate his organs to different people and kills him at the end of the movie using a jelly fish.

“Death by jelly fish is the second most painful death in the world’, I unfolded the exact words from the movie to my friend.

” What’s the first?”, questioned my inquisitive friend.

While my lips murmured that I didn’t know, my mind and heart were lost in thoughts. I could not help but wonder what the first painful death would be and in less than few seconds I realized what it was.

I rushed to the car and took my note and paper and starting scribbling…

‘Death of Life’.

We admire life; we adore it. But what is life if your dear ones are not around? Can you enjoy a bird chirping when you heart is at pain?

Death by jelly fish is the second most painful death.

To see your loved ones, die and to try to live in the world where your beloved isn’t around is the first.

The most painful death of life is when you stop living.

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