For the void that kills me

For the cold that pierces me

Take me in your arms. Embrace me.

because you give me the strength to rise.

Every. Single. Day.

Music is Magic. Your Silence is the magic I rejoice

Your silence that sings a mesmerizing song, just for me

Your silence that calms my restless soul.

I need thy presence. I need you.

Every. Single. Day.

Bowing near you, I find my rest.

Lying on you, I find my heaven.

Cuddling with you, I dream my dreams.

Every. Single. Day.

Wish the nights were little longer

and the time runs just slower

let everyone move a bit farther

so that I could pull you even closer

Every. Single. Day.

Your pink sheets turn me red on my cheeks.

You are my weakness.

You are my strength.

My dear BED, you are my everything.

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