Hate Story

I can still feel my adrenaline which was drastically high and forcing my blood pump into the muscles from my toe to my head. The chills were horrifying as if there were thousands of arrows in the air to pierce my heart and body, just that those arrows were not from the cupid but the demon himself.

When my mind was excessively overthinking about the right time to fake a fatigue, the guy, with whom I was avoiding the eye contact, looked right into my eyes and called me near him, with a smile. My heart beat increased, maybe it was at one of its peaks. Then he politely asked me to keep my bag aside and to remove my jacket, scarfs, gloves and boots. Though he kept on insisting that that was just for formality procedures, I felt he was demanding a strip tease. The more the I wanted to deny that, I could not. I had to do whatever that guy asked me to do โ€“ Strict orders from my parents, friends and even the stranger next to me.

As I was exactly doing the same as requested by him, my hormones were about to burst, and I get a mini- panic attack. I was the exact same time when another guy calls me forward and asks me to walk towards him and lift my hands and he stares at me as if I was the master mind behind 26/11 attack. Finally, he speaks with another lady and lets me leave and my heart calms down a bit. And I took a deep breath after successful walking on the volcanic lava with my barefoot. However, another volcano erupted on my mind when I saw another lady was standing beside my bag and stuffs. She smiled warm. I did not bother her; I was constantly ogling at my jacket. The second my bag passed on the mystic box and comes towards me, I was relieved. Suddenly, the entire world which was paused was resumed, I could clearly hear the bird chirping, the waves splashing the waters on the rocks (too much of 90โ€™s influence). Finally, the world was a better place to live ๐Ÿ™‚

I messaged my little brother about my panic attacks, he texted me back saying,

โ€œStill a better hate story, huh? You and airport security checks?โ€

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