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  • The SLAP
    The clock stuck 12 noon. I set foot into the Child Welfare Committee Board in the district of Wayanad. As I entered, a tall, fit man with a white robe walked towards me and smiled, “Good afternoon, my child. Please […]
  • B-e-n-g-a-l-u-r-u
    May be somewhere in 2017… Bangalore gives us a lot of surprises unlike other cities in terms of climate, traffic and what not – during the recent timings. It is one of the cities where you can speak in any […]
  • Pray to your belief
    Lock down – Irony is that it enforces the social distancing but what it did was to bring the the families together. One day during the lock down, I was rejoicing my time by lying on my mother’s lap. Honestly, […]
  • Journey
    A journey starts with a million of endurance and courage to reach the crowning destination. There is always a kind of journey that ends – that ends after attaining the final moment with pride and happiness. But there is another […]
  • Peace
    My roommate and I were nothing but opposite poles; we never agreed on anything. Remember the law of attraction? No, it is not what you think. It is a fact that the opposite poles attract, and that is true only […]
  • Wonder Women
    That was a random Sunday afternoon with my friends chit-chatting and playing cards like any other aimless days. It has been 2 weeks since I landed the calm town of Swindon in the United Kingdom. I could still recollect that […]
  • My childhood pet
    Terrified by all types of animals; Timid I grew during my childhood. Petrified and Panicked I was when Parents decided to have a new pet. That day as I can still recall Twenty ninth of April, 1996. Alone I was […]
  • Future Kids
    Dear kids, Mamma is fine here and hope you are great too. Sara baby, I hope you don’t fight with Vishnu Anna. I know that the summers are way too hot to survive but I know my dear, you are […]
  • Kattanchai with Sindhu S1 E1
    (Inspired from Koffee with Karan) Kattanchai is staple drink of Keralites and all the discussions happen during the Kattanchai(Black tea) time. All characters and incident in this blog are purely real. The resemblance to any person or individual is purely […]
  • You don’t have to do extraordinary things!
    With still loads of chaos and confusion in my mind, I am writing this because someone could assist me find ‘ಇದು ಹಿಂದಿನ ಕಾರಣ ಏನು?’ – What is the reason behind it? If you travel daily to travel to Mysore, you are […]
  • Hate Story
    I can still feel my adrenaline which was drastically high and forcing my blood pump into the muscles from my toe to my head. The chills were horrifying as if there were thousands of arrows in the air to pierce […]
  • Death of Life
    Road tripping is fun until (Disclaimer: No offense to the passionate road trippers) you realize your bum aches and you are out of song list and literally gossiped every teeny tiny detail. On one such road trip, I wanted a […]
  • Every.Single.Day
    For the void that kills me For the cold that pierces me Take me in your arms. Embrace me. because you give me the strength to rise. Every. Single. Day. Music is Magic. Your Silence is the magic I rejoice […]