My childhood pet

Terrified by all types of animals;

Timid I grew during my childhood.

Petrified and Panicked I was when

Parents decided to have a new pet.

That day as I can still recall

Twenty ninth of April, 1996.

Alone I was at my uncle’s place

Amidst my terror and fear.

Candy on my hand to cheer me up

Crying and begging my dad not to leave.

Refusing to step-in to my own home

Remotely I wasn’t ready to see him.

Finally convinced myself

Fearlessly I entered the room.

Minute creature wrapped around the cloth

Mom walked me near him.

Then I saw his face –

Those little fingers and cute lips.

Tiny feet and chubby eyes.

Teary eyes and cheerful smile.

The Fear was gone in a jiff.

That day, I knew for sure

This little thing is my bundle of happiness.

My first childhood pet..

My last ever pet..

My forever love.

My ‘Brother’, my dear Arvind.

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