My roommate and I were nothing but opposite poles; we never agreed on anything. Remember the law of attraction? No, it is not what you think. It is a fact that the opposite poles attract, and that is true only in magnets. But with people and relationships, that gets complicated, like those twisted and tangled earphones which pisses you off. With those twisted and complicated relationships, we were still going strong because we were clear on couple of things – Respect each other, zero judgements and never sleep on a fight. Now that when I go back and think these three qualities can take you a long way in any relations and friendship was no exception.

As we had different perspectives towards life, we fought for everything until she gives up on me or vice versa. Later, we would go out on date nights to sustain the balance or in a gromance style – to rekindle our relationship. One such date nights, she tricked me into agreeing to a trip to Switzerland as she promised me that we would visit Rome, one of my dream destinations.

One month later, I was on a flight traveling to Swiss to fulfill my friend’s dream of going to the DDLJ (for those who don’t know, DDLJ is a blockbuster Bollywood movie) shooting spot. We had a last-minute travel companion who wished to join us for the trip, and we were happy to let her join us… More the people, the less I need to tolerate with my roommate. So, three girls traveling from London to Switzerland in the coldest month.

To be honest, I had trekked towards the mighty Himalayas just few months before that and I wasn’t ready to believe that any other mountain ranges will be mightier than our very own gigantic desi mountains. Not able to hear my continuous glorification of Himalayan rages, she shunned me and turned the earphones and acted as if she didn’t care about me. I was silently gazing outside the flight, humming the famous song of DDLJ ‘Tujhe dekha to yeh jaana sanam’ until we landed there.

By the way, for exotic experience, we booked a home-stay far away from the main city and it nearly takes 2 hours for us to travel from airport to our home-stay. After speaking with the personnel at information center, we got a map of the city and of bus routes. Briefly glancing at the maps for few minutes, we identified our bus route and took the bus to reach our home stay.

After the tedious travel in bus for hours, suddenly, only three of us were there in the bus then and few minutes later the driver claimed that it was our stop. We stared at each other’s face and slowly got down from the bus as if it was a slo-mo video. It was extremely dark over there and the bus stop was deserted. Being a girl gang of three in unknown foreign location, we were petrified and went to our mobile for rescue to reach the owner of AirBnB. Guess what? There was no signal over there. After ranting out at each other for a minute, we realized we had to calm down and try to find out our home-stay.

We saw a house in a distance and we quickly crossed the small bridge to reach that house and we rang the doorbell for very first house we saw and after all, one of us was lucky, or maybe all of us were. Hooray, that was our home stay. After all, we had reached the correct destination. As soon as we entered the place, an old couple welcomed us, and I must say they were very hospitable. It was felt like those warm sunny mornings after those shivering nights. Finally, we went upstairs to our rooms and was talking about how great adventure was today and things turned up to be more than ‘just fine’! (But, for the records, if that hadn’t gone well, I would have totally blamed her). Also, I was little skeptical about the trip even then as I didn’t see anything which amazed me. I was sure that night, if the next morning didn’t turn out as expected, I would pack my bags and start to Italy.

The next morning, I got up around 7ish, opened the door and walked towards the restroom. There was a narrow passage that lead to the restroom from our room. That passage had a window on the other side. Instead of going to the restroom, I walked towards the window on the other side and I opened the window.

My jaws dropped for a whole minute and I couldn’t believe my eyes.

Like an ostrich, I swiftly ran back to the room and woke my roommate up like a maniac. After few seconds of torments from me, she got up from the bed and stretched her body. I utilized those stretches and took the nearest scarf to blind-folded her. She tried to untie her blind fold, but I wouldn’t let that happened, would I? 😀 To ensure that she doesn’t remove her blindfolds, I held her hands and carefully took her towards the window in the narrow passage and then, I started narrating a small story to her.

Growing as a kid watching Morgan Freeman disguised as The God with the white background area, I always imagined that He lives in the place which symbolizes the color of peace. After couple of years, with true devotion I started admiring Lord Shiv as I was able to relate with him as a commoner – A short tempered handsome chunk who lives on a hill station covered with snow, dancing to let out his anger and also his romance, I was totally able to relate to him. Morgan Freeman’s ‘Bruce Almighty’ and Lord Shiva’s Kailash had one thing in common

Until then she was silently listening my story (also she has no choice), but when I poked her with questions, she was furious and yelled about hijacking her and giving her puzzles. As and when I reached near the window, I asked the question again,

Morgan Freeman’s ‘Bruce Almighty’ and Lord Shiva’s Kailash had one thing in common.

And then I unwrapped the scarf from her. And then, I said,

Morgan Freeman’s ‘Bruce Almighty’, Lord Shiva’s Kailash and the present moment had one thing in common.

She was astonished by what she saw and slowly uttered ,


Yes, the solid colour WHITE.

White is the colour of peace.

White is the colour of plain innocence.

White is the colour of purity.

White is the colour of safety.

White is the colour of heaven.

(May be that’s why Angels wear white colours) 😊”

We were surrounded by those snow filled mystically beautiful mountains. We spent our entire day in stating at these mountains and cancelled all the touristy thing we were supposed to do. This is Lucren city in Switzerland. Finally, I am glad that my roommate made me go on this trip with her.

View from the window from our Home stay

The thing which I learnt that day nature can surprise you the most, of course, after life.

There is nothing more beautiful that the nature itself and no two mountains are same, And similarly, no two men are same neither their life nor their skills/capabilities.

Give yourself a chance, no compare yourself with others. You are unique just like those tall beautiful mountains of Swiss.

The Home-stay

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