Pray to your belief

Lock down – Irony is that it enforces the social distancing but what it did was to bring the the families together. One day during the lock down, I was rejoicing my time by lying on my mother’s lap. Honestly, this is the longest time I have spent at home once I moved away for higher studies. It is still as cozy and as warm and one of the safest places in the whole world. While I was hugging her so closely, my mother was running her fingers through my hair.

Suddenly, I was thinking about how much my mother is a passionate towards God and how much of an ardent devotee she is. She is the true believer of existence of power of God. However, most of us family members are either God-fearing (those to pray to God only because of fear and not love necessarily) or questions the existence of God. Sometimes, it is so envious when I see her pure and unconditional relationship with God.

Me: Maaa…

Mom: ummmmm……

Me: Maaaa…..

Mom: Yea, I am here, tell me what is it?

Me: Why do you always pray, ma?

Mom: Because I like praying.

Me: Wont you get bored of praying?

Mom: No, I won’t.

Me: So, will you pray for the rest of your life?

Mom: Yes, forever and ever like happily ever after

Mom: Praying is like eating or sleeping to me, it is just a normal day to day activity, and I can’t remove it from my life as it is an integral part.

Me: Wow.. Whom do you pray to?

Mom: I pray to ‘My belief’

<Widely opened my eyes and turned towards her>

Me: Whhhatt?

<She gave a blissful smile she lied on the bed>

Me:  Maaaa, what does ‘pray to belief’ mean?

<She smiled again>

Mom: I pray to the One I believe. Belief is the strongest and the most powerful thing in the world.

Me: But, how do I know whom to believe and how to I know the God will save me if I pray to him?

<Again, looks at me and gives a smile>

Mom: Whom do you pray to?

Me: ummm, I pray to my favourite God and that changes quite a lot. Recenlty, I have been praying to Lord Shiva a lot.

Mom: How do you believe that an idol and save and rescue you?

Me: Maa, you are the one who have told me stories about the mighty Lord Shiva and how he disguises and appears to save all his devotees?

Mom: Did he come and save them or did they devotees belief, that he would come and save them, actually saved them?

Me: So, you mean to say that if I believe something so truly, the belief saves me and not the power?

Mom: I want you to think about it.

Me: So you mean to say that if I pray to a leaf, the leaf will save me?

Mom: I would like to think that your belief that that leaf will save you saves you. For that you need to truly believe and not test that power.

Me: Are you talking about something like law of attraction? Where whatever our mind conceives and beliefs, it achieves?  

Mom: Time to sleep before your dad knocks us out of the bedroom, shhhhh, we will talk tomorrow.

Me: Maaaaaa…

Mom: Good night.

Back into my own world of thoughts, I was honestly guessing the possibility of a ‘Belief’ that runs my life. Breaking into pieces, though I wasn’t sure if it was belief which gets the world going, I was sure on one thing that I trust and believe on one thing – Amma. When a child is born and new to the world, the child completely believes whatever his/her mother has to say as the child. The mother would also go to any extend to save her kid, even if it is beyond her limits, that is the pure and unconditional love. Is love the ultimate power?

We will discuss in the second article…

Until then please share your commens on this. We would love to hear back from all of you.

5 thoughts on “Pray to your belief

  1. Vijayalakshmi

    Is love the ultimate power? You asked the right question. The answer is in your question itself. Unconditional love. Yes it is UN conditional.

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