Kattanchai with Sindhu S1 E1

(Inspired from Koffee with Karan)

Kattanchai is staple drink of Keralites and all the discussions happen during the Kattanchai(Black tea) time.

All characters and incident in this blog are purely real.

The resemblance to any person or individual is purely intentional and not coincidental.

Presenting you one of the Kattanchai moments in my life here in Wayanad.

Few years ago, I had to move to Wayanad, an ecstatic place in northern part of Kerala. This was the year 2014 and I had less than Rs.5000 per month as stipend for volunteering for rural developmental project in a tribal hamlet in Kerala. Though Wayanad is an attractive touristic destination, I had to stay accessible to the hamlets for work reasons and so my quest for house search thus began.


I was completely new to the place with limited knowledge of the regional language and nobody to accompany me during the house hunting procedures. In all the house of the villages I enquired about the possibility of staying with the family, to share the room, etc. To my surprise, all the localities were kind enough to invite me to their house and feed me with ‘The Kattanchai’. This incident is one such conversation which I had with one of the hostel owners in Kalpetta town, which I 7kms from the village where I used to work.

The rooms were decent enough with cracks on the walls. But yes, they were good enough for that cheap rents. However, I realized there were no sockets in any of the hostel rooms and surprised. The discussion over the Kattanchai with the hostel warden in charge follows…

Me: (With my broken Malayalam) Ma’am there are no plug points in the room. How do we charge our phones?

Her: You can do it in the charger room.

I went over the charger room and saw that room had only one plug point and one table.

Oh, charger room, I thought.

Her: You need to pay Re.1 per day per mobile to charge it.

Me: <Shocked but didn’t speak anything as I wanted a place to stay as soon as possible. I was sick of staying in office dorm. Hence, kept my mouth shut and asked my next question> Then what about laptop?

Her: Oh, that box takes more power. So, we don’t allow it to be charged here.

Me: But ma’am, I might have to use my laptop.

Her: Okay, in that case you pay Rs 5 per hour and you are not allowed to charge it for more than one hour per day.

Me: <Without uttering any word>Thank you, ma’am.

My mind: Never ever come here ever again, never!

PS: I pity myself as I was expecting them to have Wi-Fi.

Yeah right, I hear you!! Many hostels do have them, not really my fault.

2 thoughts on “Kattanchai with Sindhu S1 E1

  1. Mayur Nirmal

    Nice ! Your landlord’s monetary expectations are reasonable, I must say 😅
    But a ‘Charger Room’ is a nice concept , liked it !


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