Wonder Women

That was a random Sunday afternoon with my friends chit-chatting and playing cards like any other aimless days. It has been 2 weeks since I landed the calm town of Swindon in the United Kingdom. I could still recollect that I landed here on the same weekend of the movie ‘Wonder Women’ hit the theatres and my friends were talking about it endlessly and I had been a bad judge to decide if those bragging were good or bad. These two weeks (from the time I came to a new land and miles away from my family and friends) watching movies and Sunday lunch followed by cards were the rituals. During the lunch, I had disclosed my interests in joining the volunteering club for in Swindon. I know that I had been doing few crazy kinds of stuff every time. I can’t be idle. I strongly believe in ‘An idle man’s mind is a devil’s workshop’ and wanted to keep myself busy all the time in doing meaningful things or learning life skills or just anything other than the daily routine. There was once such day when I walked down the road and was too excited to see the Theatre arts class and wanted to join the class until I realized that class was for kids. After these useless talks on the theatre arts, when I talked about the volunteering, one of my friends said, “If you do whatever you say, you must be the next wonder women”. And his words hit me deep, yes, those sharp ironical words made me realize if I was just a dreamer? And in between those petty Sunday conversations, I went to my world, my world to think if my friend’s statements were true.

I am the person who wants to be ‘Jack of all and Master of one’ but still trying to find my One, the wonderful one. Everything admires me; everything amazes me. I urge to try and experiment everything which inspires me. And I don’t find anything wrong about my choices, honestly, I don’t feel bad either. After all, I had been trying a different career path all along starting from Biotechnology, forensics, human rights, rural development and ended up with a job in a Banking domain. This is not the end of it, I know it. I am still cracking to figure out the one. If not 20’s, when will we ever get a chance to make bad choices and learn from them?

I made a promise to me and my friend, which he has no idea of. I promised that I would become a wonder women one day (that day might come or never come). But I hope and I will try to be that wonder woman who juggles everything, never feel old to learn anything new, always being there for family, excels at work, starts a business, lead a healthy family, happier life waiting to become a ‘Wonder women’ in my friend’s eyes.

Though it is a cliché, I don’t hate to admit that every woman is a wonder.

PS: Never watched wonder women or even had an idea about what the movie was.