Category: Short Stories


My roommate and I were nothing but opposite poles; we never agreed on anything. Remember the law of attraction? No, it is not what you think. It is a fact that the opposite poles attract, and that is true only in magnets. But with people and relationships, that gets complicated, like those twisted and tangled […]

Wonder Women

That was a random Sunday afternoon with my friends chit-chatting and playing cards like any other aimless days. It has been 2 weeks since I landed the calm town of Swindon in the United Kingdom. I could still recollect that I landed here on the same weekend of the movie ‘Wonder Women’ hit the theatres […]

My childhood pet

Terrified by all types of animals; Timid I grew during my childhood. Petrified and Panicked I was when Parents decided to have a new pet. That day as I can still recall Twenty ninth of April, 1996. Alone I was at my uncle’s place Amidst my terror and fear. Candy on my hand to cheer […]

Hate Story

I can still feel my adrenaline which was drastically high and forcing my blood pump into the muscles from my toe to my head. The chills were horrifying as if there were thousands of arrows in the air to pierce my heart and body, just that those arrows were not from the cupid but the […]

Death of Life

Road tripping is fun until (Disclaimer: No offense to the passionate road trippers) you realize your bum aches and you are out of song list and literally gossiped every teeny tiny detail. On one such road trip, I wanted a break from all the above and with the constant motion. After constant nagging, our photographer […]